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What do I need to bring when I am having my taxes prepared?
Following is a list of the more common items you should bring if they apply to you:


How long do I keep my records and tax returns?

You should keep your records and tax returns for at least 3 years* from the date the return was filed or the date the return was required to be filed (by Extension), whichever is later. It is recommended that you keep these records longer if possible. * A longer retention period may be suggested if you have filed certain forms.  Check with us when we prepare your returns for a full explanation.

How does getting married affect my taxes?

When you get married you will have the option of filing a joint tax return or married filing separate. In this case of a joint return, the one return will report the income and deductions of both spouses. The IRS has eliminated most cases where you would have saved taxes by remaining single. You also have the option to file as married filing separately, but in most cases this will increase your taxes.

Do I have to file a joint return with my spouse?

No, you can file either as married filing joint or married filing separate. If you file separately your taxes will most likely be higher. Many credits—such as earned income, education (Hope and lifetime learning), and child care—are not allowed when you file separately.